"Simply stated, I think James is an outstanding teacher and coach.  Students of any level would benefit enormously from his instruction."

~Brent Wagner, Chair, Musical Theatre Department, University of Michigan




A teacher teaches a technique.  A coach uses your technique and a host of others, as well as a director's eye, to get you to your best work.  Whether you need to coach sides for an important audition, develop your skills in Shakespeare and classic texts, prepare for your college entry audition, or put together a killer arsenal of monologues that are perfect for you, I can help you get there.  I have studied virtually every modality and method of acting in my studies at Boston University, the Academy for Classical Acting, and with some of New York's top teachers including Tim Phillips, Wynn Handman and Matthew Corozine.  I have also performed in nearly every genre, from Shakespeare to musical theatre.  I am also a working actor, which means I am out there just like you, and I know what it takes to do great, authentic auditions and book work!

New to Shakespeare? Want to expand your repertoire into Shakespeare and classic plays?  Trained in Shakespeare but a little rusty on the basics?  Auditioning for a graduate or undergraduate acting program and need strong Shakespeare monologues?  


Or does Shakespeare just scare or confuse you?  I call this Shakes-timidation. 


The solution: Decoding Shakespeare. 


In this four session, eight hour workshop I will share with you the essentials of text work that will not only make Shakespeare comprehensible and clear, but will also give you the tools to mine the language for potent, compelling and authentic acting choices. Let’s banish your Shakes-timidation forever!  In this empowering and enlightening class we will:


  • Discover how Shakespeare ‘directed’ his actors through the way he used language in his plays

  • Cover the essentials of blank verse, scansion, operatives, rhetorical forms and unlock how these can be used by the actor to bring clarity and powerful acting choices to the work

  • Work on Shakespeare sonnets and on soliloquies and monologues from Shakespeare plays to give each participant two solid audition pieces by end of course

  • Explore the material with me in my immediate, in-the-moment, on our feet coaching style, moving you past your limited ideas— into what is truly possible as an interpreter of Shakespeare texts


Class Size: Maximum 8-12 actors

Thursdays 6-8PM, October 19 & 26, November 2 & 9

Workshop Fee: $250


Additionally, actors are welcome to take the first session, The Essentials, as a one night Master 

Class! This concentrated class covers the fundamentals of breaking down Shakespeare verse texts, giving you essential tools for working on this rich and complex material.  


The Essentials Master Class

Open to: 20 participants (in addition to the core Decoding Shakespeare class participants)

Thursday 6-8PM, October 19

One session Master Class fee: $50


MATTHEW COROZINE STUDIO 2, 357 West 36th Street, Suite 203, New York, NY 10018

(212) 904-1102


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