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"Jamie Beaman is one of the first calls I'd make in the formulation of my dream company.  He is a first-rate human being, and a gifted actor.  His warm heart, generosity, and eagerness to create something special onstage time and time again results in that miraculous thing: something special.  Time and time again."

                                                                     -- Dennis Delaney, Director

"As the cowardly Sir Robin, James Beaman shines as a true song and dance man."

-- Talkin' Broadway

"On very rare occasions, a show comes along that is so extraordinary, statements of excellence don't tell the full story...sheer brilliance."

                       --Back Stage

"Beaman is gifted with a strong voice which he uses with palpable emotion and power in the anthemic "I Am What I Am."  Beaman nails itcon brio."


"James Beaman lights up the stage as the tragic fool Buzz, HIV-Positive at a time when AIDS was an immediate death sentence."

                                --Austin Chronicle

James Beaman raises the bar with his outstanding dramatic performance as exploitive Nazi sympathizer Max Detweiler."

                    --Independent Newspapers

"Lord Evelyn is one of those thankless roles, the stuffed-shirt Englishman, but Beaman gradually soars with it to comic heights."


"One of those rare professional actor/singer/dancers who has mastered the worlds of Shakespeare, cabaret, and many others in between."
                                               --Foster's Daily Democrat

"Thank you, James.  Your participation, dramatically and musically, was a huge contribution. You can read my dialogue any time.  You can sing my lyrics anytime.  I can't express my gratitude for your craft, your patience, and your finesse."

                      --Rupert Holmes, author, "The Nutty Professor"

As Max Detweiler in

The Sound of Music

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